176 H1-1

Testo 176 H1 – Temperature and humidity data logger

The data logger testo 176 H1 allows the monitoring of temperature and humidity in warehouses and buildings. With the testo 176 H1, you can examine whether mould in a house or apartment has been caused by insufficient ventilation or by building damage.

Product benefits:

  • Continuous measurement and documentation of temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint
  • Record up to two humidity and temperature values simultaneously with optionally connectable probes
  • Unproblematic long-term measurement: large memory for up to 2 million measurement values, 8 years battery life
  • For data evaluation on a PC, a selection of three software versions is available, basic software available as a free download



SKU: 0572 1765.

Are the prescribed humidity and temperature values in warehouses and buildings being adhered to? Is mould in the apartment the result of insufficient ventilation, or caused by building damage? With the data logger for temperature and humidity testo 176 H1, you can find out.

Up to two temperature and/or temperature/humidity probes can be connected to the 4-channel data logger testo 176 H1 and positioned in the room according to the individual requirements. A wide selection of probes is available to you for this purpose.

The lock included in delivery protects your temperature and humidity loggers from unauthorized access.

  • 4-channel data logger for temperature and humidity testo 176 H1 with external probe connections (NTC/capacitive humidity sensor)
  • including wall bracket
  • batteries
  • calibration protocol

Measuring range

-20 to +70 °C


±0.2 °C (-20 to +70 °C) ±0.4 °C (Remaining Range)


0.1 °C

Testo 176H1 – Download