176 T1-1

Testo 176 T1 – Temperature data logger

The testo 176 T1 data logger monitors the temperature, even in extreme conditions, with a highly accurate Pt100 temperature sensor. It is able to precisely document the temperature status over a longer period of time. The fact that its metal housing is extremely robust makes the data logger particularly suitable for monitoring the temperature in industrial environments.

Product benefits:

  • Ideal for long-term measurements: memory for up to 2 million readings, up to 8 years' battery life
  • High-precision measurements thanks to the Pt100 temperature sensor
  • Certified according to EN 12830, HACCP-compliant and waterproof in compliance with IP 68
  • Three software versions available for data management on the PC, basic software available as a free download



SKU: 0572 1761.

The testo 176 T1 1-channel data logger is ideal for high-precision temperature monitoring. Its internal sensor records the indoor air temperature, e.g. in cold and deep-freeze storage facilities, continuously and reliably. Its sensor is a Pt100 temperature sensor, which means that the temperature is measured and documented with extreme precision. The Pt100 temperature sensor can achieve an accuracy of up to 0.2 °C.

  • Testo 176 T1 temperature data logger with a robust metal housing and internal Pt100 temperature sensor
  • including wall bracket
  • lock
  • batteries
  • calibration protocol

Measuring range

-35 to +70 °C


±0.2 °C (-35 to +70 °C)


0.1 °C

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