testo 308 – Smoke tester

The testo 308 is designed to provide you with quick and easy soot particle measurements. Gone are the days of manual or semi-manual measurements. Benefit from groundbreaking technology. The testo 308 smoke tester provides you with digital readings for easy documentation.

Product benefits:

  • Fully automatic soot count measurements
  • User-friendly menu guide; easy-to-read, backlit display; easy-to-change soot filter rolls
  • TÜV certified
  • Optional print out on site

SKU: 0632 0308.

There’s a rule that generally applies for all oil heating systems: the less soot there is, the better the combustion. That’s why soot count measurements are an integral part of the work carried out by heating engineers.

  • testo 308 smoke tester
  • rechargeable battery
  • calibration certificate

Measuring range

0 to 6 RZ


±0.2 RZ


±0.1 RZ