Testo 511 – pocket-sized absolute pressure meter

Small, handy and practical: the testo 511 absolute pressure meter measures absolute pressure and is also suitable for measuring the barometric altitude between two points.

Product benefits:

  • High-precision absolute pressure measurement with an accuracy of ±3 hPa
  • Suitable for barometric altitude measurements
  • Calculates the barometric air pressure
  • 8 pressure units available

SKU: 0560 0511.

The testo 511 is normally used to measure absolute pressure, e.g. for density compensation in flow measurement in ducts, laboratories and production processes. Other measurement parameters are barometric air pressure (= air pressure at sea level) and altitude above sea level.

  • Testo 511 absolute pressure meter including protective cap
  • belt pouch
  • batteries and calibration protocol

Measuring range

300 to 1200 hPa


±3 hPa ± 1 Digit


0.1 hPa

Measuring rate

0.5 s