Testo 570-1 Set – Digital manifold

Purchasing the testo 570-1 digital manifold will ideally equip you to carry out quick, reliable measurements on refrigeration systems and heat pumps: carry out pressure, temperature, current and vacuum measurements as well as temperature-compensated tightness tests. Moreover, it calculates superheating and subcooling simultaneously.

Product benefits:

  • 40 refrigerants are stored in the instrument
  • Calculation of superheating and subcooling possible in parallel
  • 999 hours of recording readings
  • Set includes a clamp temperature probe for measuring the surface temperature of pipes

SKU: 0563 5701.

For refrigeration systems and heat pumps to function smoothly and efficiently, the pressure, temperatures and any system superheating or subcooling need to be monitored. The testo 570-1 digital manifold can record or calculate all these values and also enable temperature-compensated tightness testing. Which is why our 4-way manifold supplies you with the key information that you need for the optimum commissioning and maintenance of refrigeration systems or for error diagnosis. Complex manual comparisons and calculations (e.g. of superheating and subcooling), which would be necessary when using analog manifolds, are not needed.

  • testo 570-1 digital 4-way manifold set including a clamp temperature probe
  • calibration protocol and batteries
Measuring range
  • -50 to +150 °C
  • 50 bar
  • ±0.5 °C (±1 digit)
  • 0.5 % fs (±1 digit)
  • 0.1 °C
  • 0.01 bar / 0.1 psi

Here you can download the brochure for digital manifold, testo 570-1.

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