Testo 805i – Infrared Thermometer Smart and Wireless Probe

The testo 805i Smart Probe is an infrared (IR) thermometer that provides non-contact temperature readings; great for checking breakers, motors, ducts, and registers from a distance. The measurement area is indicated by a circular laser pattern which asssures accurate targeting measurement.

Key Features:

  • Measures non-contact temperature
  • Optic target ratio (10:1)
  • Measurement area indicated by circular laser pattern assures accurate assessments
  • Photograph objects with smart device, capturing measurement marker and temperature values for reference and reporting

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11,250 din. bez PDV-a

SKU: 0560 1805.

Use the testo Smart Probes App to take photos of objects and include the laser pattern and the temperature reading for your reference. Easily adjust the emissivity within the App and store data as files or share via text or email. The testo 805i works on smart devices with either Android or Apple operating systems.

  • testo 805i
  • Bluetooth hot-wire anemometer with App
  • 3 AAA batteries and certificate of calibration
Measuring range
  • -30 to +250 °C
  • ±1.5 °C or ±1.5 % of mv (0 to +250 °C)
  • ±2.5 °C (-30 to -20.1 °C)
  • 0.1 °C

Here you can download the borchure for testo 805i.