testo 810 – Infrared thermometer

The testo 810 infrared thermometer allows the simultaneous measurement of the air temperature and surface temperature of the object being measured – without contact. The infrared temperature measuring instrument automatically displays the temperature difference. This makes it particularly suitable for use in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning trade.

Product benefits:

  • Simultaneous measurement of the surface temperature and air temperature
  • Non-contact measurement of the surface temperature (infrared thermometer)
  • Display of the temperature difference
  • Adjustable emission level

SKU: 0560 0810.

Testo 810 measures the temperature on two channels. On the one hand, being an infrared thermometer it can take non-contact surface temperature measurements of the object being measured; on the other hand, it can measure the air temperature using its additionally integrated NTC sensor. The infrared temperature measuring instrument displays the temperature difference directly on the illuminated display.

  • Testo 810 infrared thermometer with integrated NTC temperature sensor
  • including protective cap
  • calibration protocol, belt pouch
  • batteries

Measuring range

-10 to +50 °C


±0.5 °C


0.1 °C

Measuring rate

0.5 s