testo Saveris Base V3.0 – Base station

This component is part of the environmental monitoring system testo Saveris 1. The modular system records and analyzes your critical environmental data, alerts you immediately if limit values are violated and can help you optimize your processes.

Product benefits:

  • Automated, uninterrupted, no-loss storage of measurement data
  • The testo Saveris Base V3.0 can manage up to 3,000 measurement channels
  • Comprehensive alarm management
  • Alarms in case of limit value violation

SKU: 0572 9320.

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The testo Saveris Base V3.0 is the core component of the testo Saveris 1 environmental monitoring system. It manages measurement data from up to 3,000 channels, evaluates it and generates alarms if any limit value violations should occur.

The built-in emergency battery guarantees maximum data security, even in the event of a power failure. The system alerts you visually, as well as via e-mail and SMS. Optionally, further optical and acoustic signalling devices can be connected via an alarm relay.

Besides Ethernet and WLAN, the testo Saveris 1 environmental monitoring system also supports testo UltraRange long-range radio technology. In addition to using an existing infrastructure, this also offers the option of using an autonomous radio network via encrypted, proprietary signals, which has an excellent range and signal stability for use in enclosed spaces.

  • Delivery Scope – testo Saveris Base including rechargeable battery and configuration cable.

*Caution: communication modules and mains units are not included in delivery.

Here you can download the brochure for the testo Saveris Base V3.0.

Connected devices::

testo 150 DIN2
testo 150 DIN2

testo 150 T1
testo 150 T1