Saveris Base8

Testo Saveris Base – For monitoring measuring data

The Saveris Base is the heart of our professional measuring data monitoring system. It collects and analyzes measuring data from up to 150 sensors and triggers an alarm when thresholds are breached.

Product benefits:

  • Up to 150 sensors can be connected
  • Graphic display, 4 operating keys
  • Interfaces: wireless, ethernet, USB
  • Alarm relays for connecting alarm sensors (e.g. lights, horns)

SKU: 0572 0220.
The testo Saveris measuring data monitoring system allows you to monitor climate conditions in industrial bakeries, blood banks, museums, clinics, laboratories and a wide range of other climate sensitive sites and buildings. The testo Saveris Base is the heart of the system:
It collects measuring data from up to 150 sensors, analyzes the data and triggers an alarm if a threshold has been breached. The unit can also save up to 40 000 measurements per measuring channel independently of any PC. Based on a measuring rate of 15 minutes, this corresponds to a memory volume of one whole year. Or to put it differently: a staggering 18 000 000 measurements.
  • testo Saveris Base
  • wireless frequency 868 MHz
  • table base
  • wall bracket. PLEASE NOTE: power adaptor and magnet base antenna NOT included in scope of delivery

Measuring range

-30 to +50 °C


±0.5 °C


0.1 °C