Saveris H1 E-1

Testo Saveris H1 E – 2-channel temperature/humidity Ethernet probe, with display

The testo Saveris H1 E Ethernet probe is ideal for monitoring the temperature and relative humidity in environments where high-precision measurement data is required. It continuously records temperature and humidity values and, if required, shows the dewpoint and absolute humidity on the display as well as the temperature and humidity.

Product benefits:

  • External, permanently connected capacitive humidity sensor with high precision, quick response time and good long-term stability
  • High-speed data transmission over the existing network
  • High level of data security thanks to built-in rechargeable battery
  • Large measurement data memory

SKU: 0572 6191.
 Under normal conditions, the sublimation of dry ice takes place at -78.48 °C. With the temperature data loggers testo 184 t4, you can monitor the transport of pharmaceuticals with dry ice over an unlimited period of time and up to -80 °C.

At their destination, a glance at the LEDs tells you whether the configured limit values have been adhered to. In order to obtain detailed information, it is sufficient to connect the temperature data logger to a PC – a PDF report is immediately generated with all relevant data. In order for you to be able to work even more efficiently and conveniently with the temperature data logger, all required files and information are stored directly and securely in the testo 184 T4: Configuration file, calibration certificate, instruction manual and PDF report of your recorded data.

  • Testo Saveris H1 E humidity/temperature Ethernet probe/with display
  • accuracy 1% RH

Measuring range

-20 to +70 °C


±0.2 °C (0 to +30 °C) 0.5 °C Remaining Range


0.1 °C