Mapping is the best way to determine the quality of maintaining the stability of the desired parameters, as well as the layout of the measured parameter values in the mapped area. Whether it comes to stability chambers, storage, showcases or delivery vehicle, if you have the need for storing goods or execute processes in a controlled environment, the best way to check work or conditions in a particular area is done by mapping.

Guided by the principles and recommendations from worldwide known institutions, manufacturers of measuring equipment and pharmaceutical companies, we are offering years of experience and reliable measuring equipment for mapping devices and objects, from small stability chambers to high capacity warehouse shelving.

We have 350 data logger calibration standards for measuring temperature and air humidity in our accredited laboratory, and they are available for mapping.

Since 2013, we have performed around 1000 mapping studies, which include:

  • high capacity warehouse shelving
  • pharmaceutical warehouses
  • cold chambers
  • delivery vehicles
  • stability chambers
  • incubators, sterilizers, refrigerators, freezers
  • thermostatic cabinets in retail outlets