Temperature measuring instruments

If temperature is a critical parameter in your processes, you will need calibrated and verified instruments that measure temperature. We offer to check your instruments and compare them in our calibration laboratory in temperature controlled baths or climatic chambers with high standards of precision, and afterwards issue a certificate according to ISO 17025 standard. Our calibration laboratory is accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS).

All the standards owned by our calibration laboratory “Laboratorija” d.o.o. are traceable to national and/or international standards. This is the way the connection has been established between all the results within the ISO 17025 system, so that the results can be compared and are authoritative in every country.

Instruments for measuring temperature are calibrated in the range from -40 to 1200 ̊C.

Please find below the list of temperature measuring instruments we calibrate in our laboratory:

  • bimetal thermometers
  • manometer thermometers
  • thermocouples
  • resistance thermometers (RTD – Resistance temperature detectors)
  • digital thermometers (digital temperature meters), glass thermometers, ehuminatortc.
  • infrared thermometers
  • annealing furnaces
  • all types of thermal baths
  • temperature blocks
  • temperature chambers
  • simulators and temperature indicators
  • sterilizers (autoclaves)