Calibration services

Calibration and testing of equipment play a major role in the quality control during production. This is how you save time and prevent the production of defective products as well as performing additional tasks due to potential errors. Thus, production is accelerated and the end result is to obtain a product of excellent quality. For these reasons, the various standards, regulations and laws require annual calibration and equipment verification, because the quality of your product can be guaranteed only with systematic monitoring and regular calibration of the equipment.

Measuring equipment for the following physical quantities can be calibrated in our laboratory:

Temperature (-40 to 1000) ̊C

  • bimetal thermometers
  • manometer thermometers
  • thermocouples
  • resistance thermometers (RTD – Resistance temperature detectors)
  • digital thermometers
  • infrared thermometers
  • annealing furnaces
  • all types of thermal baths
  • temperature blocks (liquid, dry)
  • temperature chambers (autoclaves, incubators, sterilizers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers)
  • simulators and temperature indicators

Relative humidity and air temperature

  • climatic chambers (-40 to 100) ̊C and (5 to 95) %RH
  • hygrometers (5 to 95) %RH (analog and digital evaporators)

Pressure (0 do 800) bar

  • pressure sensors
  • manometers
  • manuacummeters
  • vacuum meters

Weight (0 to 20)kg

  • Non-automatic electromechanical weighing instruments


  • pipettes piston-operated (11µl-20ml)
  • burettes piston-operated (1 to 20ml)
  • dispensers piston-operated (1 to 20ml)

Air velocity

  • anemometers (0,2-20)m/s