Company profile

“Laboratorija” d.o.o. is an accredited laboratory for calibration, selling and servicing different types of measuring instruments. It was founded in 1991, and received its first accreditation in 2009 by the Accreditation Body of Serbia.

Respecting the principles of good laboratory practice, hiring professionals, as well as working with the best equipment in the world are some of the reasons why Laboratorija d.o.o. acquired the reputation as one of the leading companies for calibrating the instruments for measuring temperature, pressure, air humidity and weight.

To accomplish its objectives, the management of Laboratorija d.o.o. has provided professional, qualified and trained staff, competent to perform the calibration upon client’s request within the agreed period of time, and all in accordance with the policy of quality and adopted standard methods.

Calibration service is provided both in our specialized laboratory and on the spot (in your company) with minimal retention of your equipment.

The quality of the service and the trust we earn from our clients is an essential element of our business strategy, our business policy and one of the main tasks of our management and all other employees.

In order to improve our services, in December 2015 we have expanded our business activities to calibrating the instruments for measuring air velocity and piston-operated apparatus with gravimetric method (pipettes, dispensers and burettes).

Our MISSION, being part of the national network of accredited laboratories for calibration, is to contribute to gaining reliability and traceable standards in the field of calibrating measuring instruments used every day.

Our VISION is to become the leading laboratory for calibration in Serbia and throughout the region.

Our GOAL is to make quality service, client reliability and respecting deadlines our trademark characteristics.

As part of our training centre program we will train our staff and our clients on how to provide the best possible service to other users.

Our mobile service provides 24/7 support for all Testo products users in Serbia and Montenegro.