testo 316-1 – Gas leak detector

Speedy and sure detection of gas leaks in natural gas pipes. The testo 316-1 natural gas leak detector with two-stage visual alarm system. Ideal for carrying out quick and reliable checks.

Key Features:

  • Speedy and sure leak detection in natural gas pipes
  • Audible and two-stage visual alarm
  • Audible alarm if limit value is exceeded
  • Optical alarm

Broj artikla: 0632 0316.
testo 316-1 - Gas leak detectortesto 316-1 - Gas leak detectortesto 316-1 - Gas leak detector

Hairline cracks in pipes, old and worn out gaskets. Even the tiniest of gas leaks in a natural gas pipe can cause enormous problems. The new testo 316-1 leak detector will help you pinpoint the exact position of a leak when the leak has already been detected using a leak measuring device, for example.

The testo 316-1 gas leak detector. The sure and easy way to detect methane gas

The testo 316-1 is an especially easy-to-use gas leak detector with an adjustable sensitivity dial. The leak detector is equipped with both a visual audible and an alarm. A yellow LED lights up when the reading is higher than 200 ppm CH4. The LED changes to red when the reading is higher than 10,000 ppm CH4. This special feature allows you to pinpoint the exact position of the leak. The testo 316-1 is also equipped with a flexible gooseneck sensor for locating gas leaks in especially hard-to-reach or otherwise inaccessible places.

  • testo 316-1 electronic gas leak detector
  • battery

Measuring range

0 to 10000 ppm CH₄

Lower response threshold

100 ppm

1st alarm limit

200 ppm CH₄ (LED yellow)

2nd alarm limit

10000 ppm CH₄ (LED red)