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testo 425 – Thermal anemometer with flow probe

The functional testing of ventilation and air conditioning systems includes monitoring the flow speed in ventilation ducts. If the air flow velocity and volumetric flow are not set correctly, the room air quality may suffer. The testo 425 thermal anemometer measures the flow speed and automatically calculates the volumetric flow.

Product benefits:

  • Temperature and flow measurement as well as volumetric flow calculation
  • Permanently attached extendible telescopic probe – maximum length 820 mm, diameter 7.5 mm
  • With single and multi-point averaging
  • Hold function, display of min/max value, Auto-off function

Broj artikla: 0560 4251.

In order to establish whether an air conditioning or ventilation system is functioning properly, among other things you need to check the flow speed or the volumetric flow in the ventilation duct. If the air flow velocity is too low, the room loads are not correctly discharged and optimum room air quality can no longer be guaranteed.

  • testo 425 thermal anemometer with permanently attached flow probe including temperature measurement and telescope (max. 820 mm)
  • calibration protocol
  • battery

Temperature – NTC

Technical data Measuring range -20 to +70 °C Accuracy ±0.5 °C (0 to +60 °C) ±0.7 °C (Remaining Range) Resolution 0.1 °C Top Velocity – Thermal anemometer

Technical data Measuring range 0 to +20 m/s Accuracy ±(0.03 m/s + 5 % of mv) Resolution 0.01 m/s Top General technical data

Technical data Housing ABS Warranty 2 years Battery type 9V block battery, 6F22 Battery life 20 h Dimensions 182 x 64 x 40 mm Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C Storage temperature -40 to +85 °C Weight 285 g